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At Aerofloor, we redefine the way you think about floors. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we bring the latest advancements in floor coating technology to every corner of DFW. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your living space, a business owner seeking to revamp your workspace, or an industrial facility in need of durable solutions, we’ve got you covered.

At Aerofloor Coating Services, we specialize in flooring for all your residential and commercial needs, including the following: 

  • Epoxy flooring
  • Staining and sealing 
  • Aircraft hangar floors, 
  • Urethane floors 
  • Commercial concrete services 

We’re happy to be one of our community’s top recommendations for flooring companies, so you can count on us for your next flooring project. 

Areas We Serve

We specialize in providing high-quality coating and flooring services to the residents and businesses of Dallas and the surrounding DFW area, including:

We’re proud of our accomplishments to date and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Let’s take your floors from great to exceptional! 

Upgrade Your Concrete Floors

Concrete can wear unevenly over time, despite its durability and strength. Our concrete high-grade staining and sealing services will improve the look of your floors. Concrete staining by Aerofloor Coating is a fast and cost-effective way to customize your concrete floors. We can create different designs tailored to your needs.

We recommend sealing your concrete floors once they are customized to prevent staining and prolong their life. Our team of professionals can renovate your floors safely and effectively with quality results, whether you have a residential or commercial property. In addition to renovating floors, we can seal them to protect them from dust, dirt, and abrasion. We also have extensive experience working with aircraft hangars.

Not Sure Where to Start? Contact Us

If you’re in need of flooring service but don’t know where to start, we can help. Sometimes projects get delayed for years for this very reason. Starting new projects, renovating, or making huge changes can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

We have years of experience working with a number of customers, and we’ve got what it takes to understand your needs and bring them to life whether that’s staining, sealing, or commercial concrete services and urethane floors. From small to large projects, we can transform your interior or exterior areas using the right tools, the best materials, and efficient methods. 

Our qualified team is ready to serve you. Give us a call at (214) 666-6700, and we’ll get to work on providing you with a free estimate before moving forward.

Our concrete flooring services will enhance your flooring, provide easy maintenance, and increase its longevity. Please give us a call at (214) 666-6700 to learn more about Aerofloor Coating services or to request a free estimate.

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