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Concrete is no longer exclusive to outdoor use, and it can serve as an excellent flooring option when properly sealed and stained. While it used to always be rough and unappealing, our concrete treatment options opened up a world of possibilities. We implement state-of-the-art technology and techniques to treat your concrete to achieve the desired look and feel. Our comprehensive services are specialized in concrete sealing and concrete staining. We have the tools to revolutionize the way you perceive and utilize concrete surfaces, enhancing their durability, aesthetics, and longevity.

The Evolution of Concrete

In the past, concrete was mainly used outdoors and function was valued over form. It was cast, laid, and left to cure, serving its purpose without much consideration for aesthetics. Today, however, concrete has transcended its humble origins, emerging as a canvas for artistic expression and a medium that can metamorphose spaces into captivating realms of beauty. The modern world of concrete combines form and function for flooring solutions that stand out. 

At Aerofloor Coating Services, we have embraced the evolution of concrete and harnessed it to craft solutions that redefine its role in contemporary design. Our services extend far beyond traditional construction, allowing you to protect, elevate, and rejuvenate your concrete surfaces with an artistic touch.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is a staple in our concrete treatment options. Sealing is a process that goes beyond the surface. It involves the application of a specialized sealant that acts as an impenetrable shield, safeguarding your concrete surfaces against a multitude of threats. From surface damage caused by foot traffic to the corrosive impact of weather, and from the relentless assault of dust to the unsightly staining triggered by grease, oil, water, and deicing salts – our concrete sealing service erects an invisible fortress, preserving the integrity and appearance of your concrete. Sealing is especially important for indoor concrete. With our sealant, you can achieve that modern, industrial look on your concrete.

Moreover, concrete sealing offers the invaluable benefit of reducing water absorption. This not only minimizes the risk of cracking due to freeze-thaw cycles but also simplifies maintenance, making it easier to clean and prolonging the life of your concrete surfaces. While concrete might endure the test of time on its own, our sealing service elevates its longevity to unprecedented levels, providing an investment that reaps rewards for years to come.

Concrete Staining

Beyond the realm of protection, Aerofloor Coatings unleashes a realm of creativity through our concrete staining service. No longer confined to a monochromatic existence, your concrete surfaces can now boast an array of hues and tones that breathe life into your spaces. Our skilled artisans employ a variety of staining techniques to imbue your concrete with character, depth, and individuality.

By eliminating the limitations of traditional paint and embracing the rich palette of concrete staining, your surfaces can transcend the ordinary and become an integral component of your design. 

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Our team of professionals is ready to evaluate the current state of your concrete and apply our concrete sealing and staining skills. When you’re ready for new concrete installation or to revive your existing concrete, call us at (214) 666-6700 to connect with us. Aerofloor Coatings is the team to call for all things flooring, so reach out for a consultation. We are ready to help rejuvenate your home by elevating the flooring.

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