How Urethane Helps to Preserve Your Flooring

Making sure that your floors look good is obviously an important part of maintaining any type of building, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. But making sure that they are also safe and functional is probably even more important, especially for work-related reasons. While unsightly or damaged floors in a home are undesirable, for a business they may hinder profits.


Urethane coating can go a long way in helping to take care of your flooring not only in its appearance but also with how it performs its duties at home or on the jobsite. For folks who are searching for a good floor coating, today’s post will take a further look into what this specific product has to offer:


How Does Protective Coating Help Maintain Flooring?

This is a common question among property owners who are looking for ways to add style and durability to their flooring. The fact of the matter is that most people want a coating service that will offer both visual and performance-based results. Here are a few examples of what urethane can do for your floors, concrete walkways, basements, and many other surfaces:


  •         Reduces scratching and scraping
  •         Increases strength and durability
  •         Provides non-slip/non-stick traction
  •         Protects against outdoor elements


Is Urethane or Epoxy the Right Choice for Your Needs?

Depending on the specific details and requirements of your particular project, consulting with the professionals who deal with these sorts of projects every day is probably the best way to figure out what type of coating is right for you. In Dallas and the surrounding locations, Aerofloor Coatings has been answering these kinds of questions for over 25 years.


Something else that is worth noting in response to this question is the fact that many times the right solution is to use both products. While epoxy may help with strength, durability, and strong bonding to the concrete or other flooring surface it is applied to, urethane can offer a solid finish which creates a lustrous and glossy appearance. Either way, the pros at Aerofloor will know.


To find out if this type of coating material is right for your flooring project in the Dallas area, get in contact with the experts from Aerofloor Coatings. They have the experience and know-how required to tell you exactly what products and services would best fit your specific needs. They’ll be happy to perform an inspection and let you know what the best options might be for you.