How Epoxy Coating Can Help Maintain Your Floors


Keeping floors both looking and functioning properly is something that is important to just about every property owner. Whether it is a heavily-trafficked commercial or industrial area or simply someone’s home, epoxy coating services can go a long way in offering both visual and performance benefits.


What Effects Does Heavy Use Have on Flooring?


For industrial floors, heavy use can include anything from constant foot traffic and moving around of materials to equipment or machinery weighing thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds resting or moving on it daily. This can cause issues from simple cosmetic damage to major cracks or structural damage.


For residential areas, heavy use tends to offer much less extreme results. Commonly walked places inside or outside the home can become worn, scuffed, dull, and just generally visually unappealing. It can also lead to cracks and breaks as well, though usually not on the scale of industrial use. Here are a few typical residential areas where a coating procedure may help:


  •         Garages
  •         Basements
  •         Patios and decks
  •         Wood floors
  •         Driveways and steps


Is a Protective Coating Really Necessary?


It is if the quality and appearance of your flooring are important to you. For business or commercial purposes, the condition of your building sends a strong message to potential clients and associates about the kind of effort you put into making sure that you give off a good impression.


For residential property, how your flooring and other surfaces look can have a great impact on resale value. Many times homeowners may have difficulty selling a house due to the poor shape its floors are in. This can oftentimes lead to the need to have renovation or remodeling work done prior to listing.


What Are the Differences Between Epoxy and Other Coating Products?


While there may be similarities to the way various applications work, there are also a number of differences as well. Epoxy stands out from its competition in the areas of UV protection, thickness, and longevity.


If you think that an epoxy service might be the right thing for your floors, just get in touch with the skilled professionals at Aerofloor Coatings as soon as possible. They will be more than happy to come out to your property and offer their best suggestions for an efficient and cost-effective solution to your flooring and coating needs. Trust the folks that your neighbors have for 25 years.