Adding Concrete Staining to Your Floors


If your flooring is in need of a little bit of rejuvenation, you should definitely consider the many advantages and benefits that a concrete staining service can provide. The fact is that when it comes to concrete floors, there are several options available concerning how to brighten them up and make them look more vibrant or illustrious.

While some people might prefer painting, most professionals will tell you that not only does it require more upkeep and maintenance, but it will also inevitably chip and crack eventually, leaving you right back where you started before; in need of quality flooring services. Here are a few questions about what staining offers: 

How Does It Increase Visual Appeal?

The difference between treated and untreated floors is like night and day. This is not only true of simple concrete flooring but especially so on decorative concrete. One of the main reasons that staining is the preferred method of improving aesthetics is because unlike painting which only covers the surface, stains live up to their name by penetrating the concrete’s surface.

How Does It Improve Functionality?

People are oftentimes surprised to find out that these services are not only designed to make the flooring look better but also to work better as well. Once the stain is properly sealed, floors can become more slip and skid resistant, as well as needing less maintenance or repair work overtime.

What Options Are Available?

The main choices people have when it comes to concrete staining are between acid stain, water-based stain, and acetone stain products. In determining what option is best for your flooring needs, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are just a few of the more typical ones to take into account:

  •         Indoor or outdoor use
  •         Traffic
  •         Age of flooring
  •         Type of formula used
  •         Condition of flooring


Each of these (and a number of other) specifics all play a role in determining what type of concrete staining would be the best choice for your project.

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